Teacher & Classmate Christmas Gifts…

I’ve been busy crafting away give aways for my son to give to his classmates & teacher for Christmas. I saw this cute explosion box on pinterest, and knew I wanted to CASE the idea. His teacher enjoys scrapbooking and card making, so hopefully his teacher will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It was originally going to be a crafting related explosion box and I was going to buy a gift card and some small craft items to put inside. His teacher listed “Joann’s” as one of her favorite stores, so I went there today to get a gift card and some small craft supplies. Unfortunately, when I went there…their computer systems were down. I was in the store for almost an hour and they couldn’t fix the problem in that time frame, so I left…she told me that I wouldn’t be able to purchase a gift card since the computer couldn’t activate it. And I didn’t want to drive another 30 minutes to the next store.

So, I changed my plans and went the route of coffee…love me some Starbucks, don’t you…especially during the holidays (Peppermint Mocha…why can’t they make it year round)! I went and got a gift card and goodies from there since she listed that she enjoys lattes!…so I hope she likes what I created:
This is a closed view:

This is the front view of the box open:

This is the back side:

I think it turned out so cute. I have the a pack of mints from Starbucks, and the quote says “I’m glad you were “mint” to be my teacher” and there is a pack of chocolate covered graham crackers with the quote, “Thanks for making me a smart cookie!” And of course, I have got a small starbucks cup with the quote “Thanks a latte”. On the other two panels, there is a hand written message from my son to his teacher and the last panel is the Starbucks gift card.

For his classmates, I did little treat bags:

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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