Ruffled Fabric Wreath

I collected some packs of the Stampin’ Up fabric that was on clearance since it was a great deal. I came across some cute fabric wreaths on Pinterest and decided to try it with the fabric that I hoarded. I cut a few pieces up and folded them in half and stitched together with a running stitch. I sewed all the pieces together until it was one long piece and wrapped it around a styrofoam wreath forms.  I attached the ends with some hot glue. I also made a bow with the other fabric swatches. Then I created some flowers with the fabric and ribbon…will have to post pics of that later because I haven’t decided if I want to add them. For now, it will stay like this:

-Styrofoam wreath form
-Stampin’ Up Deck the Halls Designer Fabric
-Hot Glue
-BigShot multipurpose adhesive sheets

I really like the style of the wreath and looking forward to hoarding more of the clearance rack fabric..probably the bright Candy Cane Christmas fabric for next year. I will probably make a larger version with flowers instead of a bow.

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2 Responses to Ruffled Fabric Wreath

  1. LeAnne says:

    Wow, this is fabulous! Great way to use that fabric….very pretty!

  2. Tonya says:

    I would love the directions on how to make this , where would I get them

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