Tips for Blossom Bouquet

I’ve had some questions as to how to put together the bouquet. Here is a view of the bottom of the flower:

I took the largest of the boho blossoms punch flower and cut into the center of one of the notches, then glued over two of the petals on top of one another to create a slight cone shape. Then I pierced a hole thru that piece and the flower and inserted floral wire (I had a very thin 24 gauge wire on hand so I looped it to make it sturdier)..then I wrapped floral tape around it.

The crayons are attached to a paper pencil holder that I had from a stationary set. I used glue dots to attach the crayons and then red sticky strip to attach the ribbon to hold it all down. If you have the styrofoam for flower arrangements, I would use that for the inside to hold up the flowers. Of course I didn’t have any at home, so this became a Macgyver experiment. I used a paper towel cardboard roll that I glued to the bottom of the vase and stuffed tissue that I had leftover from gift wrapping.

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