Happy Valentine’s Day

My son asked for angry birds valentine’s day cards for school. They don’t allow any sort of candy or treats to be included with their valentines, but I wanted to include something with the card. They have certainly taken the fun out of childhood school events…no birthday parties and no candy/food to be given out at all to classmates in school for any holiday or any celebrations. So I looked around and found some Angry birds tattoos and packages of bubbles at Target. This is the cover of the card:

I just used a couple of circle punches for the red bird’s body, but everything else was cut freehand.

And here is what it looks like inside:

Inside, there is the store bought Valentine’s day card with a tattoo, and a tube of bubbles. The bubbles were a lot of fun…my youngest son was playing with the left over tubes for hours.

Hope everyone enjoys the day with their Valentine :)

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. busymom0899 says:

    Your son and mine are in the same class for two years in a row. We so look forward to the ammazing creations he brings in on various occasions and we love everyone of them :) Thanks Michelle.

    • michelle says:

      Good to know that these little creations actually make it home…I enjoy making them for the kids. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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