Happy Halloween Everyone!!! :)

Can’t believe that it’s already October 31st…and we got snow here in Virginia over the weekend. It is just getting too cold already…worried about how cold it will get this winter…I love snow, but I don’t care for the cold weather.

Just have a couple of pics to share with you today. I made about 25 of these treat bags for my son’s class…They don’t allow food/candy items, so I filled the treat bags with a pencil, eraser, stamper, and stickers. What fun is Halloween without costumes and candy??? They said it offends people, so we aren’t supposed to mention “Halloween” on anything. I had to go thru the pencils and pick out the ones that had “Halloween” printed on them, and make sure I didn’t use paper or stamps with it either. I wished I remembered to take the pictures before I sent them off to school with my son. 

And here is a pic of the treat bags I made to give out to my nieces and nephews…much more fun with cute monsters I cut with my Cricut, and filled with lots of sweets. Not sure if the parents will be too happy though. But at least they know this candy is safe for the kiddies to eat. Everyone have a fun and spooky Halloween!!!

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